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Best Mental Health Apps

Best Mental Health Apps
Written by Tuazor

Taking your mental health in hand may seem daunting, but apps can help. The best mental health apps are the ones that make you feel like a million bucks. Those are the apps with great design, helpful features, and an intuitive user interface. We’ve rounded up our favorite ten here for your perusal so take a look at what could help get you on track to feeling better!

Best Mental Health Apps

Here’s a list of 10 mental health apps for Android that might just take the stress out of mental health treatment and improve your mental well-being.


What it does:   This mental wellness app helps users stay calm, relax and sleep at night. The app uses meditation techniques along with relaxing ambient sounds to help you feel better both mentally and physically. It provides cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques like mood tracking, coping skills, distraction management, stress reduction, and relaxation training. These CBT methods are designed to prevent depression and anxiety attacks as well as increase mental wellbeing by self-monitoring thoughts.

Key features:   – Distraction Management:   a mental strategy that involves diverting your attention and thoughts from mental health worries and negative self-talk. – Mood Tracking: This allows users to track their mental state by logging moods, sleep levels, and stress. – Sleep Tracker:   monitors sleep patterns to give recommendations for better rest. It also identifies factors that may be keeping you awake or preventing you from falling asleep easily.

Key takeaway:   If you’re interested in mental wellness and want to improve how you feel physically as well as mentally, this app is worth a try – though it’s only available on Android devices for now.



What it does: A mindfulness training program helps the user learn how to be more aware of mental and physical processes.

Key features:   – Guided meditations to help you enjoy mental clarity in everyday life. – Notifications from the app so that you can begin your mental tracking activities even when you’re not using the app itself.

Key takeaway: This mental health app includes a number of tools for mental management, such as diaries, visual schedules, and progress trackers – all helpful in maintaining mental well-being. Plus there’s no need to buy any fancy equipment or anything like that; just download this free mental wellness app onto your Android devices! It also comes with an Apple version if you’ve got iPhone instead.



What it does:   mental health counseling and therapy sessions from a licensed therapist or mental health professional. Sessions can be accessed online through the app as well as over text chat. You can choose to communicate with a Therapy Expert 24/7, or you can schedule your mental coaching sessions into the app’s calendar. For mental health care and mental coaching, TalkSpace offers various mental health therapists and mental coaches (Master’s level or Ph.D.) to help you work through your mental wellbeing goals.

Key features:   – Communication with a mental health professional using text messaging. – The ability to schedule your app sessions in advance, view previous mental coaching conversations, receive mental wellness tips from the app, get the mental health data that they have collected about you, and more.

Key takeaway:   Other than simply having access to licensed mental health experts 24/7 no matter where you are, this free mental wellness app allows users to communicate one-on-one with these professionals for unlimited amounts of time, which is often better than group therapy anyway.

Mental Health Trackers

What it does:   mental tracking apps that are available for download onto your phone or tablet. These mental wellness apps allow users to set mental goals and monitor their mental progress towards those goals with a variety of mental health metrics, from stress levels to moods to sleep patterns and more. The following mental health tracker apps have been approved by Apple’s app store as being effective mental wellbeing tools.

Key features:   – Ability to log your mental situation in an easy-to-read chart format – Graphs and charts help you visualize the impact of your mental well-being practices on daily life – Options for setting what type of mental focus you want over the course of days, hours, or minutes.

Key takeaway:   mental tracking apps are great mental health tools for people who want to be more mental wellness-oriented in how they approach treatment and management of mental health issues.


What it does:   Calm is another mental wellness app that helps users learn to deal with the stresses of everyday life by calming mental chatter and becoming more aware of physical surroundings through relaxation exercises and guided meditations.

Key features: – Breathing exercises help users slow down their breathing rates until they’re able to experience a state of calmness (and reduce stress levels). – Guided meditation helps the user experience mental relaxation through mental imagery. – Guided breathing exercises help mental wellness app users experience mental peace and become more centered in their bodies.

Key takeaway: Of course, mental coaching with a mental health professional is still best when it comes to mental wellbeing goals, but having the option of mental tracking apps on hand for times when you’re stressed out or need to focus on something other than your mental difficulties can be a huge relief too.


What it does:   A mental health app that helps users manage any anxiety issues they might be experiencing. The app includes educational material about anxiety disorders (such as how and what anxiety works), helpful self-monitoring tools to use while managing anxiety levels, mental health tools to help users deal with anxiety when it’s present, and mental relaxation exercises (before or during anxiety attacks) to calm the mind.

Key features:   – Anxiety self-monitoring tool helps mental wellbeing app users identify triggers for their mental issues and track what mental elements they need to change in order to benefit from better mental health care – Relaxation exercises can be used both before and during an anxiety attack (as a way of dealing with the mental distress that leads up to an episode). – Mental focus and concentration activities are included as part of this mental wellness app’s package of mental healthcare tools

Key takeaway:   This mental tracking app offers helpful physical tools for managing mental health symptoms, like calming breathing patterns that can lead to mental relaxation and mental exploration activities.



What it does:   A mental health app that helps users track their mental wellbeing in a variety of ways, including mental sleep trackers to help people develop better bedtime routines for mental wellness and mental focus exercises to help boost physical energy levels throughout the day.

Key features:- Mental sleep tracking tools allow users to set goals for how much mental peace they want during the hours they’re lying down so they can monitor progress towards those goals more effectively (and avoid oversleeping).

– Mental focus exercises help users get up from bed feeling refreshed and energetic while setting an example mental routine for the rest of their one-day mental schedule (and mental health week). – Guided mental imagery helps users relax both physically and mentally while they’re falling asleep, so they can experience mental peace more easily throughout the night.

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Key takeaway:   Not all mental health apps are meant to be used every day, but ones like Pillow that include mental sleep trackers can help users set a regular mental routine from something physical and tangible in nature (such as healthy sleeping habits) so it’s easier to keep mental wellbeing goals on track.


What it does:   A mental wellness app that provides its users with guided meditation exercises designed to help them become more centered in their minds during stressful times or when mental worries are taking over mental peace. The mental health app also includes mental relaxation exercises for when users want to experience mental well-being more quickly (and during tense mental times).

Key features: – Guided meditation and mental relaxation exercises are designed to help mental wellbeing app users become more centered in their minds naturally, without the need for expensive therapies or mental rehabilitation programs –  There’s a mental breathing exercise included with this mental wellness app that helps users relax as soon as they start feeling stressed or mentally agitated during the day

My Fitness Pal

What it does:   A fitness tracking tool that can be used as an alternative to any other fitness program in order to ensure people get moving and increase mental wellbeing at the same time. The mental wellness app also includes mental weight loss exercises that help users decrease mental stress levels and calm their minds naturally.

Key features: – This mental wellness app is designed to be used alongside any other mental or physical program, so people can incorporate mental health goals into a fitness routine more easily without having to plan mental rehabilitation around it – Mental weight loss exercises are included with this mental tracking tool to help users experience mental peace and tranquility when they’re doing physical activity during the day

Key takeaway:   For people who like setting long-term goals for themselves, using apps like My Fitness Pal that make weight management goals easier to set and monitor on a daily basis can help boost mental wellbeing over the course of a mental day, mental week, or mental month.

Blue Light Filter

What it does:   A mental health app that filters blue light waves emitted by electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets to help users experience mental relaxation automatically throughout the day (and night). The mental wellness app also includes mental exercises designed to help users become more mentally centered in their minds without needing to set formal mental goals for themselves.

Key features: – This mental health app can sync up with other apps on a smartphone so people don’t have to worry about missing out on important updates while they’re experiencing relaxation and tranquility; these days, mental peace is just as important as staying physically active – Mental exercises are included with this mental wellness app that can help users become more mentally centered and focused at the same time

These apps are designed to help people in their mental health journey. Many of these apps offer a variety of features that can be tailored to your personal needs or those you may encounter with the person using them. Which one do you think is best for yourself? Have you had any experience with any of these apps before? Let us know! We would love to hear from our readers on what they have found most helpful and why.

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