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Full Ultimate Guide: How to Raid On Twitch

How to Raid On Twitch
Written by Tuazor

How to Raid On Twitch? Raiding in Twitch raid is essentially becoming the raid boss. It requires a raid squad to complete successfully and there can only be one raid boss per raid by default, although it is possible to allow multiple raid bosses at once. Raid squads may be formed from any channel in your raid zone, provided that all members of the raid squad have completed [Raid Squad Initiation].

How to Raid On Twitch: Form raid squad

To form a raid you must have [Raid Squad Initiation] completed. – raid is a raid zone exclusive channel, designed for groups of raiders to gather and organize themselves. Note that due to the way raids in twitch raid work, any person who can see chat in the raid may add themselves to your raid squad (unless they are banned from being able to see it), and anyone with raid permissions may remove someone from your raid squad without consulting you first.

You may invite as many people as want into your raid squad at once on this screen, but if too many people take up slots in the roster then you will be unable to formally form a raid until some are removed again later. It’s advised to never add anyone who isn’t a trusted raider into your raid squad for this reason. – your raid squad will also be given several raid-exclusive permissions which can be found in the raid zone overview, such as raid invite and raid dismiss. These can only be used by people with raid permissions after clicking the raid zone’s raid button..


How to Raid On Twitch: Form Raid Boss

You may form a raid boss if you are in a [raid] or have left one that is already up and running, or if there is no existing one present, by opening your profile and pressing [Raid Boss]. – once there are enough members of the raid boss party to grant it permission to become a raid (see above), it will be announced to raiders.

At this point raid, bosses are able to see raid Boss chatter, and raid invite permission will work. – once the raid boss has been formed it may be invited into any [raid] channel by any raid squad member from within that raid channel in order to interact with all raid squads who have chosen to use or respond to the raid boss invitation. You may only respond if you are a raid squad leader yourself (>50% attendance).

How to Raid On Twitch: Raid Mechanics

Raid mechanics [to use as knowledge, not to be copied verbatim]: The “boss” of a raid is determined when enough members of forking raids decide they want one. Once there is sufficient interest in having a boss, at least two people have 10 minutes in which to raid each other. A raid boss may form from the raid channel, or by forking raid. If the raid is formed by a raid squad, then their leader becomes the raid boss. If it’s from a raid channel, the highest level member of that raid will be considered to be the raid boss.

The “boss” of a raid has these abilities: * Raid Boss chatter: Sends messages to everyone in both raids (including members who aren’t interested in raiding). * Invite people into your raid and kick them out again at will. The latter ability is used to create what are known as ‘forking raids’, where two different groups decide they want to have their own private fight going on at once – often with the raid boss of each raid trying to outdo the other.

The raid channel and raid squad must both be set to allow raid bosses in order for one to form, otherwise anyone who wishes to become a raid boss will be unable to do so, despite there being enough interested parties. The ability is given automatically if there are two or more members with it – no action is required on your part.

It’s possible for a raid boss to invite themselves into a raid that has banned them from entering by accident (a common oversight when setting up raids), or when they have forked raid permissions from someone else, such as the highest level member in their server. In either case, whoever gave them permission should remove the relevant permission immediately before they raid each other.

How to Raid On Twitch: Raid Squads

Raid squads can be formed from any raid channel, but raid bosses must step out of the raid channel they are currently into raid each other, or else it creates a raid with two raid bosses which is an invalid configuration and cannot be completed successfully without a second raid squad being formed by one of them. This means that you will have to join your own raid boss’ server if you wish to form a raid squad from there and participate as part of the raid yourself.

A successful raided event requires everyone who participated on both sides to have been online at exactly the same time – otherwise, one raid may end up waiting for its opposite number indefinitely while neither side has enough members online actively raiding/contesting the other side’s raid bosses. This is due to raiding boss raid mechanics, not anything you’ve done wrong or aren’t doing enough of!

It’s possible for raid squads to be formed without a raid boss being present – if someone wants to host an event on their home server they can use the raid channels as a staging point for organizing and running the raids. If there is no raid boss present then it will not be possible to set up a contested raid (since both sides won’t have access to the ability), but it will still work as long as there are at least two people for each side who wish to participate independently of one another.

It may also be beneficial when trying to prepare privately ahead of time for future raids which would require accepting raid raid raid raid raid raid raid raid raid raid boss permissions from someone else, as it will not be possible to set up a contested raid when there is no one present with the correct permission. It’s important to note that even with this configuration set up correctly, it is still necessary for at least two members of either side to want to participate in order for a successful event to proceed! If your intended target does not have two people willing and able to contest you then they cannot be raided successfully.

How to Raid On Twitch: Experience

The amount of experience gained by participating in an event varies based on how effective you are at completing your assigned task – the more damage you deal or healing you do against the other team during your raids against them, the more XP you earn (but you are still capped at a maximum of 500 raid raid raid raid raid raid raid raid raid raid xp per event or 1000 if it’s an end-of-month raid boss). If your team takes no damage from the other side (excepting any unavoidable by being on an opposing team) then you will earn double XP.

Raid bosses can also teleport anywhere in the zone they are hosted in but should take care not to teleport themselves into walls or over ledges, as this will likely result in accidental death if there is no one nearby to heal them. Since raids test resilience above all else, a dead person is immediately teleported back to their home server and cannot be brought back for 120 seconds, even if another member of their raid squad is willing and able to resurrect them!

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Since raid boss raids are intended for players of all levels, there is a special set of rules in place to prevent inappropriate behavior which could be considered unsocial or antisocial. All raid bosses must remain polite at all times while raiding, otherwise, their event will not be completed successfully. The following behaviors can disqualify an individual from participating:

How to Raid On Twitch: Raid Rules

  • – Attacking another member of the raid squad while they are already engaging one of the opposing team’s members on the map (unless it was an accident). Since attacking has a long cast time before any damage can be done you should always double-check that you’re not accidentally about to start a fight with someone who was already attacking someone else!


  • – Obnoxious or irrelevant speech. As raid raid raid raid raid raid raid raid raid boss raids are meant to be social events, you should avoid making it an uncomfortable experience for other members of the event by speaking taboo topics or acting inappropriately (e.g., using inappropriate character names). Raids bosses must work together as a team and must always strive to make sure that everyone who takes part in the event is having fun – your actions reflect upon all others who also participate in these events!


  • – Impeding another member of your raid squad while they are attempting to perform their assigned task during the event. It is considered poor form to stand directly in front of someone with a healing skill equipped while they attempt to raid raid raid raid raid raid raid raid raid raid boss and you are not actively participating, as this will reduce the amount of healing that person receives. Similarly, if someone is attempting to deal damage by standing in front of an opposing team member while they are casting a skill it could cause them to cast less frequently or even fail entirely due to lost concentration.


  • – Purposely dealing no damage during the event (e.g., stepping out of range when your job for the event has been assigned). Teams with all 0’s on their scoreboard cannot win and any player who gets too many 0’s across multiple events may be temporarily banned from participating in future raids!

If you are hosting a raid, it is important to remember that raid raid raid raid raid raid raid raid raid raid raids are not a race; the objective is to have fun and work together as a team.

If one of your squad members is having difficulty completing their assigned task due to an overwhelming number of enemies or some other misfortune, it is fine for you to help them by attacking (and possibly killing) enemies yourself. While this may diminish the experience points earned by others in the same event, performing such acts will allow your raid squad to complete more events per month and increase your chances of reaching Raid Master!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog post and learned something new about the world of Twitch. Raiding can be a great way to get free loot, but it does take some time and dedication in order for it to work. If you want more information on how to raid or if you have any questions at all, please comment below! I will do my best to answer them as soon as possible.

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