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How To Check Airtel Phone Number

Check Airtel Number
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To check Airtel number being a new user or getting a new Airtel sim, you can find it difficult to know your number off head most especially after you misplaced your sim pack, meanwhile, you have forgotten your number and you want to get it, here are different ways on how to check your Airtel number.

How To Check Airtel Number By USSD

There are two different ways you can check your Airtel number via ussd code.

Method 1

Open your dialer app and dial the ussd code *282#, a successful message will show up on your device screen showing your Airtel number.

Method 2

You can check Airtel number with another ussd code but using a different method and here’s it.

Dial and call *121# and choose option 3 to manage your account, then select option 4 to view your number, in short, you can dial *121*3*4# and a successful message will appear saying “Your Number is 0XXXXXXXXX”

Method 3

Here’s another method to check Airtel number via ussd by calling customer service, you can call Airtel customer care by dialing 111 on your dialer app and follow the instructions given to get your phone number.

You can note your phone number down from there to save on your device and can also dial any of these codes later to recheck.

How To Check Airtel Number By Airtel App

Download MyAirtel App from the google play store and register with your phone number to keep your phone number saved. You can log in back into the app to check your Airtel number anytime you want, you can also check your sim tariff and your remaining data balance on your sim card.

How To Check Airtel Number By Call And SMS


Checking your Airtel number by the call is the most effective way to check your Airtel number. It’s just so easy you can check your Airtel number just by calling a friend or family beside you to see and know what your Airtel number looks like.


Not many people know about this, it’s also easy to use and not so effective, but you can actually get your Airtel number through SMS by using the Airtel Call Me feature. To do this;

  • On your dialer app press *140*Phone Number#, put in someone’s phone number closer to you
  • Check the person’s phone to see the message he/she got from you, from there you can check your Airtel number.

Here are the best ways to check Airtel number with different methods on any device.

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