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How To Check Your Glo Number With USSD

check glo number
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Most Glo customers find it difficult to check Glo number, but it’s not as hard as it looks. Glo is one of the best networks with the cheapest data plan in Nigeria. Moreover, Glo still has the poorest server around the country but best in some places.

There are different ways and methods you can check your Glo number which is more effective and safe to use.

How To Check Glo Number

You can check your Glo number by dialing the USSD *135*8#, it’ll display a successful message showing you your phone number on your device screen.

You can also check your phone number by calling an automated Glo number designated to tell anyone their Glo number, just open your dialer app and call 1244, immediately after calling it’ll tell you your phone number attached to your sim card, you can either note it somewhere or save it as contact on your device.

Surprisingly, you can also check Glo number online with any browser, just visit the URL Glo self-care Portal using your Glo sim card as an active connection to the internet then your phone number will be displayed at the top right of your device screen.

Another effective method to check your Glo number is to call or text your friends or family close to you for you to check your phone number when your call or text got into their device.

Here is the most effective method to check Glo number on any device.

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