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How To Connect PPSSPP Multiplayer On Android and PC

Connect PPSSPP Multiplayer On Android and PC
Written by Davies

To connect PPSSPP multiplayer with friends is very easy, which also supports cross-platform, which also means it allows you to play with those on PC i.e from android to PC and vice versa.

Ppsspp is an android emulator that allows all android users to play PSP games on their android or PC devices, which supports all PSP games of any genre, from action to adventures giving you access to play the most exciting games of all time the God of War, you can also play pes and challenge your friends for a game together and that is why you are here to learn how to connect with friends and play multiplayer on PPSSPP.

How To Connect PPSSPP Multiplayer

To connect with friends and play multiplayer on PPSSPP is very easy, just follow the simple steps below.

  • Turn On your android phone hotspot (serving as the Host i.e the phone other players want to play multiplayer with) and tell your friend or the person you want to play with, to connect with your device hotspot using their phone wifi.
  • Open your PPSSPP settings > Networking and tick the box Enable WLAN
  • At Change PRO ad hoc server IP address input this IP address on both device to avoid lags
    Tick the box Enable built-in PRO ad hoc server (only the host should enable this option)
  • At the MacAddress, just tap it to generate a random MacAddress on both devices.

With all the above settings enabled on each device, open the game you want to play PPSSPP multiplayer with, and use the same PPSSPP settings if necessary to allow free and fair gaming on both devices.

Note: Do not use cheats, save states, and pause menu during gameplay to avoid any problems that may occur.

This is the best way to connect PPSSPP multiplayer with friends to challenge and play together to see who is better at gaming lol.

You can also connect and play together with people on a PC with your android device which also means your friends on laptops/pc can play with you that is using an android phone. It’s called Cross-Platform to play multiplayer on PPSSPP from android and PC and here’s how.

How To Connect PPSSPP Multiplayer From Android To PC (Cross-Platform)

During this process you’ll need a wireless router, Kindly connect your devices to this router (your android and PC device)

  • Find your Android device IP address (which is the Host) go-to your phone Settings > Wi-Fi > Additional Settings to find your device IP Address
  • Then open and go-to your PPSSPP Settings > Network and input your IP address as the Ad Hoc server and tick the Enable WLAN Box (Do the same settings on your PC, just input same IP address as the host into the PC settings and Enable WLAN)
  • Check the box Enable Built-in Adhoc Server (only the host should do this)
  • And click the MacAddress option just to generate a random address and Connect all Devices and PC to your router and start a game to play.

In both methods Make Sure the Host had already Started PPSSPP before others try to connect to multiplayer mode.

These are the best ways to connect PPSSPP multiplayer to play PPSSPP multiplayer with friends and families.

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