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How to Delete a Discord Server In 5 Minutes

How to Delete a Discord Server
Written by Tuazor

How to delete a discord server? It is remarkably simple. A single click of the delete button will erase your server in mere moments, and there are no further steps after that. It means you can start over with another project if you feel like it, or get rid of old projects that you have outgrown. Of course, deleting your servers is not permanent. You can always create new ones later on if you find the urge to do so

#1 How to Delete a discord server

Go to (click here) In order to delete a server, go to the channel and then the channels at the top click on your deleted discord (on the bottom right corner) Click “delete” Done!


With this knowledge, you can now delete any discord servers on your own. If there are any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below. Have fun!

#2 Best Method To Delete A Discord Server Via Command-Line Tool

This might be the best way for you if you have many servers on one computer… but mainly it’s great for scripts and other automated tasks.

##1 – Find your token To find your token, simply start a Heartbeat on the server you want to delete: !heartbeat “your-discord-server-name”. The name of the discord server, in this case, is “Discord Community Server”. If successful, Discord will output a bunch of information at the bottom, including an ID that looks like this:

If you don’t see any output from Discord when using the heartbeat command, it likely means there’s no one online or that someone deleted all existing users.

##2 – Create the script Once you have your token, create a new file called e.g. (or however you want to name it) and paste in the following command:

It will ask for your token as input, so simply type that in. If successful, your token will be outputted back onto the screen. You can now run this script on a cron job every day to automatically delete servers you don’t need anymore! Please note that if you’re using discord-rpc instead of python-discord, you’ll have to make some small changes (obviously). Don’t forget about line breaks either. They are very important!

#3 How To Delete A Discord Server Without The Need For A Token

This is a simple workaround for people who just want an easier way of deleting their server without having to create/manage their own token.

##1 – Create a new script We need to create and run a script, so do that now (same as above). You can call the file anything you want, but following Python guidelines it’s probably easier to just name it “” or something like that. If you’re using Windows, be sure to make the .bat extension for the file since it will run in a particular way on Windows while if you were using Unix/Linux, the first line of your .sh file would instead be #!/bin/bash.

#2 – Configure The actual content. in is simple enough… just paste this little snippet: This configures what we need by providing our token information, the target server to delete, and whether we want to confirm or not. Once you’ve created your script with this in it, be sure to make it executable by doing chmod +x on Linux and Mac OS X systems. If using Windows, simply open up a command prompt and type “ cd c:\path\to\” before running this .bat file in order for this to work correctly (this is assuming that is saved inside of C:/ but yours could be anywhere)

#3 – Run The Script Now just run the python script: ./ –token=YOUR-TOKEN –server=the-name-of-the-server The –token and –server arguments are self-explanatory. And if you want to confirm it’s going to work, you can always add in a final argument like –confirm. If all goes well, the server will be deleted.

#4 How To Delete A Discord Server Via GUI

This is ideal for people who don’t want to deal with command lines or scripts. It’s simple and easy, but still powerful!

##1 – Create A Token Because we’re using the Python API, let’s go ahead and create our token now by opening up CMD (command prompt). In Windows 10 just click start, type in “cmd” (without quotations), and hit enter. For older versions of Windows, look for the program “Command Prompt” in your start menu.

#2 – Create a New Server After that, let’s create our server from the discord application by creating a new user group:

Now just enter in whatever you want for the name of the server (I usually just make it short and call mine “server”), then save the token into a file on a notepad or something similar as we’ll need it later. Once saved, close out of windows explorer/finder/terminal or whatever file manager is used on your OS.

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#3 – Launch Discord Next go back to where you stored in order to run it again so we can delete our newly created server. Now right-click on the discord desktop shortcut and click properties, then on the shortcut tab copy the first field in target (for example C:\Users\Penguin2787\Desktop\discord.exe ). Now simply go back to your command prompt and type: cd c:\path-to-your_python_file

Then run python –token=YOUR-TOKEN -s=”server-name” . It should output something like this: “Successfully deleted server!” To double-check it’s gone, just visit where xxxxx is whatever that token was stored as from the previous step. If you can’t see it anymore then you’re all done!

#4 – Delete The Token Now that the server is deleted, you should DELETE THE TOKEN. Don’t just do something like copy over it into another text file somewhere as there’s a chance someone could steal your token and use it for malicious purposes. Basically just delete, then re-create when you need to perform this action again in the future.

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