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How To Share Data On Airtel Me2U

Share Data On Airtel
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Airtel allows it, users, to share data plan with anyone on the Airtel network, there are ways to share data on Airtel Network.

How To Share Data On Airtel

Data Me2U

You can share data on Airtel to friends or family using the Airtel Me2U feature, using the Me2U feature allow you to share data from your data allowance of data you purchased from the Airtel data plan.

To transfer data dial *141# and press 6 to use the data gifting/sharing feature.

Data Gifting

You can gift data to friends or family by buying data for them and pay with your own Airtel balance. In other words, buying data for the person.

To gift data is the same as the procedure above just dial *141# and press 6 then follow the on-screen instructions.

Note: you must set up your four digits code before you share airtel data, your default sharing code is 0000 then you can change it and thereafter share data with your friends or family.


The above ways are a brilliant way to share your Airtel data with any of your loved ones.

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