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How To Share Glo Data Using USSD/SMS

share glo data
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Glo has made it possible to share Glo data plan with your friends and families, sharing your data will reduce money spent than to subscribe to each one of them, instead you can just share part of your data from your Glo number to anyone in need of it.

You can share your data with a maximum of 5 people, and anyone u share with gets notified via SMS to start using the data.

How To Share Glo Data

You can share Glo data with your friends or family using 3 different ways

Glo Mobile App

This is a web app used to access all your Glo information, which can also be used to share data, log in to the web app and verify your Glo phone number to share data with any of your close ones.


You can share Glo data by using the following USSD code.

  • *127*01*Number you want to add# e.g (*127*01*0XXXXXXXXX#) or send Share Phone Number as SMS to 127 e.g (Send 0XXXXXXXXXX to 127)

Sharing your Glo data keeps them connected to your sim and continuity for them to continue usage of the data.

You can remove each user from sharing your Glo by dialing *127*02*The number you want to remove# or send Remove Phone Number to 127

Glo Portal

You can Remove and Share Glo data using the Glo portal, just visit Glo portal using your Glo sim card as active data to use the sharing feature.

These are the top 3 ways to share Glo data plan with anyone around the world.

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