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Movies By Dwayne Johnson You Should Watch

Movies By Dwayne Johnson You Should Watch
Written by Davies

Dwayne Johnson movies come with a lot of genres, movies by Dwayne Johnson could be funny, action, and be si-fi but with all, they’re all epic to the core. Dwayne Johnson is very creative and funny with his movies, in short, he’s one of the best actors you must not miss any hot his movies

New Movies By Dwayne Johnson

What did I mean by creativity? Dwayne Johnson popularly known by The Rock is an American-Canadian actor, producer, businessman, an Ex American football and Canadian football player, and also a retired professional wrestler which was where he gained the nickname The Rock. And here are the new movies by Dwayne Johnson you must not miss.


Rampage (2018)

Primatologist Davis Okoye teams up with a geneticist, Dr. Kate Caldwell, and tries to save George, an albino gorilla, and prevent two giant mutated animals from wreaking havoc in Chicago.


Skyscraper (2018)

After Will Sawyer, who assesses security for skyscrapers, is accused of a blaze in the safest building in the world, he must prove himself innocent and save his family from the burning building.


Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle (2017)

When four students play with a magical video game, they are drawn to the jungle world of Jumanji, where they are trapped as their avatars. To return to the real world, they must finish the game.


Jumanji: The Next Level (2019)

When Spencer goes missing, the gang returns to Jumanji to travel unexplored territories and help their friend escape the world’s most dangerous game.


The Fate Of The Furious (2017)

Dom encounters a mysterious woman, Cipher, who gets him involved in the world of terrorism. The crew has to reunite to stop Cipher and save the man who brought them together as a family.


Fast and Furious: Hobbs And Shaw (2019)

US agent Luke Hobbs and British mercenary Deckard Shaw are forced to put their rivalry aside and work together to stop a genetically enhanced supervillain.


GI Joe: Retaliation (2013)

The Joes are declared traitors by Zartan, and the Cobra Commander now has all the world leaders under his control. With nowhere to go, the remaining Joes turn to their original leader, General Colton.


Baywatch (2017)

Lifeguard Mitch Buchannon and his team discover a drug racket involving businesswoman Victoria Leeds and decide to unearth the truth and bring the perpetrators to justice.


Faster (2010)

After serving a ten-year sentence, Driver sets out to avenge his brother’s murder while being pursued by a police officer and an assassin.


San Andreas (2015)

Following a massive earthquake, Ray, a rescue-chopper pilot, and his soon to be ex-wife try to find and save their daughter before another disaster strikes.


Journey 2: The mysterious island (2012)

Sean receives a coded signal from an uncharted island which he suspects was sent by his long-missing grandfather. With his stepfather Hanks, he sets out in pursuit of his grandfather and the island.


Hercules (2014)

Hercules travels to Greece with his five loyal companions to sell his services for gold. A warlord threatens the king of Thrace to destroy his kingdom. Worried, the king approaches Hercules for help.

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