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How To Remove Watermark On Photo

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Watermarks are signatures used on photos as a means of identification and also prevent copyrights. Watermark is very essential to use and can also be difficult to recover the original image most especially you lost the real image before watermarked. Here are the simple steps you must follow to remove watermark on photo.

How To Remove Watermark On Photo

To remove Watermark on photo, we’ll be using a simple tool called Inpaint you can download the app here. Moreover, it’s really not necessary you download the app because you can use the web version of it. The best feeling is that it can be used on any device, download or not you are good to go and continue with the below steps.

  • If downloaded open the app and open the picture with watermark for removal, but you can upload the picture to inpaint if you are using the web version

remove watermark on photo

  • On the Toolbar, choose the Marker Tool to highlight the watermark text on the image. You can increase or decrease the size of the Marker for a good and quick selection of the text you are about to erase, The Magic Wand Tool is also a great option for One-Click selection of text.

remove watermark on photo

  • Click Erase on the Menu Bar and Inpaint will process the image to remove the watermark from the picture.

When trying to download the image the inpaint app asks for a $5 payment, don’t worry you can automatically save the image into your device by taking a screenshot of the edited picture, you can do that on PC by pressing the Windows Key + PrtSc to take a screenshot and crop the saved picture to your appropriate side.

In addition, inpaint also has different features than just removing the watermark on the photo. it can also remove date stamps on photos, unwanted objects, and strangers in unwanted photos

Inpaint is easy and straightforward to use with minimum or no skill required unlike other advanced graphic programs and gets excellent results.


Here are the simple steps to follow to remove watermark on photo with inpaint.

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