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How To Rotate Video On VLC Media Player

Rotate video on vlc
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VLC is the best video player available for desktop and all mobile platforms. The media player has a lot of features than just watching videos and viewing pictures, with VLC you can stream video and audio podcast, download and convert videos, a good feature you can barely find in other video players. The VLC media player also supports another great feature, and here’s a quick guide on how to rotate video on VLC media player.

You can flip videos horizontally or vertically and rotate video on VLC media player to different angles and can also do both simultaneously which means to rotate and flip the video at the same time, quite surprising, isn’t it? Below are ways to rotate video on VLC media player.

How To Rotate Video On VLC

How To Rotate Video On VLC

  • Open VLC Media player menu click Tools > Effects and Filters [Ctrl + E]

How To Rotate Video On VLC

  • In the next window click Video Effects
  • Click the sub-tab Geometry

How To Rotate Video On VLC

  • Activate Transform by clicking the check box, which opens up a drop-down menu showing different angle degrees to flip and rotate video on VLC.

There are different ways to flip and rotate video on a VLC media player, listed below as follows:

  • Rotate by Fixed Angle: This lets you rotate videos by a fixed angle of 90, 180, and 270 degrees.
  • Flip Videos: Videos can be flipped either Horizontally or Vertically to any of your preferred angles.
  • Transpose: It’s available in two different options from the Transform menu, the “Transpose” and “Anti-Transpose”.
    • Transpose; rotates your video at a 270-degree angle and flips it horizontally.
    • Anti-Transpose; rotates your video 90 degrees clockwise and flips it horizontally.

How To Rotate Video On VLC


To rotate the video on VLC media player, just activate the rotate option by clicking the check box close to the Rotate option right under Transform. Once activated, this lets you rotate your video to any angle just by turning around the dialer to any preferred angle that suits you.

Note; This setting is saved permanently on the app even to other videos, make sure you disable rotation to watch videos on the default view of the media player.

How To Rotate Video On VLC And Save It

The above steps are applicable for the app only, which means watching the video on another media player will keep the video on its default view, and if you want the rotation permanent on the video, follow the below steps.

  • On VLC go to Media > Convert  / Save [CTRL + R]
  • Click Add, to browse the video you want to rotate and select to Add

How To Rotate Video On VLC And Save It

  • Click Convert  / Save
  • In the next window, click the drop-down next to Profile and select any video format but the first option (H.264 + MP3 (MP4)) is better

How To Rotate Video On VLC And Save It

  • Click on the spanner icon close to the profile drop-down menu and navigate to the Video Codec tab, tick the Video check box and select the sub-tab Filters to activate the Video Transformation Filter by clicking the check box and Save.
  • Switch to the Audio Codec tab and choose MP3 in Codec options under Encoding Parameters tab, then click Save

How To Rotate Video On VLC And Save It

  • Choose your File destination to save your rotated video with a new filename, and start the transformation process.

The video will be rotated and will be saved to the destination you want.

How To Reset Your VLC Player

Open the VLC player, in the Menu bar go to Tools > Preference, and click Reset Preference at the bottom of the window to set your VLC player back to Default Settings.

The above tutorial should teach you how to rotate videos on VLC and save them permanently into your device. However, if the VLC player minimizes during the conversion process just open it back. And if the transformation didn’t start either, just press play in VLC controls to start and show the progress of the conversion.

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