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How To Search By Date In Gmail

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To search by date in Gmail could be complicated because this feature is not available in the mail searching options. Moreover, there are different times you get mails delivered to you, and the Gmail searching feature does not allow you to set a specified time but you can set a time frame for a specific day to estimate the total amount of mails you received within the hours of that day.

How To Search By Date In Gmail

To search for mails by date is very easy, just follow the steps below

  • Log-In to your Gmail on PC
  • On the search bar at the top of your mail messages, enter your keyword (the keyword of the mail you are looking for)
  • Then add “After:YYYY/MM/DD” to the end of your keyword, which serves as the beginning of the date of when you got the mails
  • After that, add “Before:YYYY/MM/DD” to the end of your keyword, which provides the end of the date you receive your mails

For Example: if you want to search for the iCloud mail that you got within the week but you don’t know how you want to get it, you can just input this keyword in your search field iCloud after:2020/11/02 before:2020/11/09 and press Enter. You’ll see all emails that contain iCloud received within the date range you set.

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